Hire a 360 Photo Booth in Gold Coast

Are you seeking dynamic ideas to elevate your corporate event or personal celebration? Hire a hire photo booth on the Gold Coast and create keepsakes that last past your night of revelry. 

At Orbit Booths, we provide photo booth rental services. From a customised themed 360 photo booth to a wedding photo booth in Gold Coast, we cater to all needs. Be it a corporate event or a high school prom dance, hire our 360 photo booth in the Gold Coast and have the best event photography experience.

Photo Booth Hire in Gold Coast

We want to take event photography to a new dimension. With cutting-edge technology, we want to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary photos. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible photo booth experience.

In addition to serving locations on the Gold Coast, we also offer our services for a photo booth in the Sunshine Coast. We offer a wide range of photo booth packages to fit your budget. 

Our 360 photo booths can be tailored for events of all sizes, from small birthday parties to large corporate events. Our team of experienced technicians can set up and operate your photo booth in Gold Coast quickly and easily.

An All-Inclusive
Photo Booth Experience

At Orbit Booths, we ensure that every aspect of your event is captured in a unique and stylish way. We transform your joyous moments into unforgettable memories. 

With a steadfast dedication to excellence and innovation, we aim to redefine the photo booth experience.

More than just a photo booth, we have designed a personalised journey that seamlessly blends with your party’s aesthetic. 

Whether you envision it as the focal point or a delightful addition, Orbit Booths adapts to your vision, ensuring your event’s essence is beautifully encapsulated.

Why Choose Our Photo Booth Hire?

Photographic Brilliance

We recognise the significance of capturing moments flawlessly. That's why we have invested extensive effort into perfecting our photography process. From meticulously calibrated lighting to finely tuned DSLR configurations and print settings, every detail is refined to ensure each photograph is a masterpiece.

The outcome? Crisp, glossy images that encapsulate the spirit of every guest, preserving the magic of the moment.

Endless Memories

There's no need to set limits on your enjoyment. When you hire our photo booth in the Gold Coast, you are granted unlimited access to photo strips. Our cutting-edge dye-sublimation printers produce images as instant as they are enduring. The memories forged within our booths are crafted to withstand the test of time, guaranteeing that every smile and laugh lives on for generations.

User-Centric Experience

Age knows no boundaries at Orbit Booths. Our intuitive touch-screen display ensures that everyone, from grandparents to children, can effortlessly engage with our open-air and vintage photo booths.

Personalisation Options

We offer a wide range of photo booth options - from birthday parties and corporate events to a wedding photo booth on the Gold Coast. We can also customise the booth to suit your party’s theme. Beyond a mere photo booth, it becomes a style statement that can harmonise or stand out, depending on your preference.

What To Expect From Our Photo Booth in Gold Coast?

Unlimited Photo Prints

You can have as many 2 x 6 strip prints as you'd like. It's simple: if there are 2 people in the photo, you get 2 prints; if there are 4 people, you receive 4 prints, and so on. We make sure to print as many copies as there are people in the booth. Additionally, we offer the option to upgrade to 4 x 6 postcard prints.

Customised Photo Strip Designs

We offer a diverse selection of over 100 unique designs, making it easy to customise your event's photo strip template. We collaborate with you well in advance of your event to create a template based on your specific preferences and design concepts. This can include incorporating your event's colour scheme, custom logos, or elements from your invitation design to craft a truly one-of-a-kind photo strip.

Fun Props

We believe in adding a touch of fun to your photo booth experience. Our assortment of props serves a dual purpose: it encourages more photos and entices guests to return for more fun-filled moments. We provide a standard prop box tailored to suit occasions such as birthdays and weddings at no additional cost.

Complimentary USB With All Photos

Relive the memories of your event as you go through the high-resolution images that beautifully capture all the memorable moments from your event.

Photo Booth Attendant

To ensure a seamless experience, our dedicated photo booth operator is present on-site. They keep track of guests who have (or haven’t) visited the booth, gently encouraging those who haven't to join in the fun. With exceptional customer service skills, they warmly welcome each guest with a smile and guide how to use the booth, ensuring everyone enjoys their time to the fullest.

Contact Orbit Booths today and transform your occasion into a captivating experience. With our cutting-edge photo booth services, including 360-degree and wedding photo booths, your event will be etched in hearts forever. Capture the magic – reach out now!